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"Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles.

It takes away today's peace" - Jason Chatfield

Who can do Pilates?

Pilates is beneficial for anyone of any age or fitness level. I teach complete beginners through to those who have advanced Pilates experience.

Is Pilates just for Women?

Absolutely not! Pilates was created by a man called Joseph Pilates, who was pictured into his eighties revealing a very strong and fit physique!

It is true that Pilates is very popular with women, but there is nothing about Pilates that makes it more suitable for women than men.


What do I wear to the class?

Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in. You need to move freely so ensure clothing is stretchy and isn’t going to restrict your movement. Avoid belts, tie back tops or anything that will be uncomfortable when lying on your back.If you prefer to wear socks, buy a pair with grippy bottoms to ensure your feet don't slip. Ideally tie long hair back and remove any long, dangly jewellery.

What do I bring to the class?

I have all equipment, mats, head blocks etc in the studio but if you prefer to bring your own then please feel free to do so.

A bottle of water is a good idea to bring along with you.


What does a class entail?

We start by warming up and focus in on body awareness before moving into the main section of the class. All exercises are performed on your own mat in a flowing sequence. I always give variations to any of the exercises by providing challenges or alternatives when needed.

We finish the last 10 minutes of the class with a guided relaxation or mindfulness based exercise (except for during the Strength and Sculpt / HIIT class)

How much does a class cost?

All classes are pre booked and paid for in advance. A one hour class works out at £8.40 per session and a 45 minute class is £7.35. Classes are booked in a block of 6/7 weeks at a time.

This cost also includes access to a library of online classes which you are welcome to enjoy at anytime that suits you.

I do offer Pay as You Go sessions if there are any spaces in a class. Please inquire for more details.

Where can I park?

Parking along Newton Road is restricted to 1 hour until 6pm.

Parking along Kingsley Road is restricted to 2 hours

Parking along Chanters Road is restricted to 4 hours.

All of these roads are a very short walk to the studio.

Alternatively there is a council carpark on The Pill which again is a short walk away.

How do I find the studio?

If you are coming from Morrisons then enter the walkway at the back of the carpark and immediately turn left. You will see the studio directly ahead of you.

If you are coming from Newton Road then enter the walkway as if you are heading towards Morrisons. At the end of the walkway turn right and the studio is ahead of you.

Walk around the side of the studio and you will find the entrance.

What equipment do we use?

I really enjoy using a variety of equipment including Pilates small balls, bands and Magic Circles to name a few. I have enough for everyone in a class to use but if you have your own and prefer to bring yours to class that is absolutely fine.


What happens if I miss a class?

If you are unable to attend a class then I cannot issue a refund or switch you to a different class. However you have access to the online library of classes.


Can I just access the online classes?

Yes if you prefer not to attend the classes and instead would rather just access the class library please select this option when booking.

What Is Pilates HIIT?

High - Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates are two very different forms of exercise, but they can complement one another well.

HIIT is a popular form of cardio exercise. Intervals of high intensity exercises are done in short bursts with the aim of increasing fitness and stamina by building aerobic capacity.

HIIT focuses on large, global muscles but when combined with Pilates where the focus is often on the core and smaller muscle groups, the whole body is challenged.

This Pilates HIIT fusion is a full body workout that will elevate your heart rate and aim to help improve flexibility, mobility and muscle strength as well as burn calories!

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