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We Are All In This Together

As a family of 4 with 2 self employed sole traders as parents I am very worried about how we will get through this financially as very little help is available to us 😢

I absolutely love what I do and am totally gutted that I’m currently not able to work. I’ve worked hard to build up a business and make it a success and I feel so anxious at the uncertainty of what may happen to all of that. However right now we all need to try to focus on taking this spread seriously so that we can keep ourselves and loved ones safe.

We need to stop stripping the supermarkets bare, stop trying to take advantage of anyone or anything and start to use this time be truly grateful for what we actually do have. Let’s look after each other, respect the advice from the medical professionals and teach our children to be proud of what their parents did during a global pandemic.

I am so very very fortunate to have all 4 of my grandparents and I know I owe it to them and all those vulnerable people out there to play my part. The nurses and doctors are absolutely amazing and going above and beyond to help the sick but they can’t do it alone. I know for certain I’m not the only one having sleepless nights and a waking day with a physical feeling of a knot in my stomach. We all need to be honest with each other and do what we can to keep strong mentally, as that plays an enormous part in how we can stay strong physically. These are such scary times and things are looking like they may get worse but it’s what we do now that can make a difference.

If this virus can teach us anything let it teach how much beauty can come during a time of despair. If there was ever a time to #bekind it really is now. Be kind with your words and your actions. Let’s support each other and do whatever is necessary to get through this together.

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